Torrington Horticulture

Garden Design Services

Our garden design and advisory service has been operating for over 20 years,  helping  home owners and commercial developers with  landscape  plans and plant recommendations, to achieve the garden that is right for them.

Services are provided by Evan Prentice (Dip App Sc Horticultural Technology) whose special area of expertise is  “soft” landscape (soils, plants, garden care and design). Priority is given to ensuring plant recommendations are the most suitable for your requirements and site conditions. Advice is also given on “hard” landscape elements (paving, walls, structures etc.).

Services Offered

We offer three choices in the way we can help design your new garden:

                                                                                        Site Consults, Garden Plans and Plant Placing Service.

Site Consultations

A site consultation gives you a horticulturalist at your site to discuss any garden and landscaping issues you may have; such as soils, plant selection, plant health, garden layout, garden maintenance etc.

A site consult doesn’t give you a plan but a report can be completed later. This could include lists of suitable plants for particular places.

This service can give another opinion and expand on your ideas while helping to avoid common pitfalls.

Full garden plan, plant lists and notes.

Another service is to provide a full garden plan. You can use this plan to guide a landscape contractor or use it to install the garden by yourself. We can start by giving you some notes to help define what type of garden you want to achieve, we then meet with you on site.

During this visit Evan will survey your site for all the variables that will affect your new garden and

discuss your ideas.

Detailed design, plant selection and generation of site specific notes are then completed off site.


Plant Placing Service

This service can follow on from one of the above or it can “stand alone” if you have garden beds already in place, prepared and ready for planting.

 Evan will call to site and measure up the gardens and with you, decide what plants to use.

This is followed by a quote to supply the nominated plants in certain sizes.


On the day you are ready to plant (or have someone organised to do this for you) Evan will arrive with the stock (plus a few extras/ alternatives) and essentially fine tune the design “on the ground” – putting plants out in exactly the spot they are to be planted.

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