Commercial Landscape Projects are our specialty

At Torrington our service is a little different to most other landscapers -  for some customers it is the ideal solution.

We are not "Landscaping Contractors" who come in and actually build new gardens on site using their unique set of skills and equipment.

We design the gardens first. Creating a professional landscape planting plan and notes which many clients use as part of a submission to council for development approval.

When the project is up and running we are able to collect and grow on the plants to the number and size required in the plant schedule. We harden them to local conditions and have them ready for planting out as the project nears completion. Some of our clients are developers and builders who do the install with their own labor and equipment, others employ a landscape contractor to do the work, often along with retaining walls, paving and turfing.

Our maintenance division can step in when the garden is complete and guide it to maturity as intended in the original design.


Stock in our nursery growing on for projects.

posted by Evan Prentice - 01-06-2016